Let’s take a look at some of the best things Stockport has to offer as one of the largest towns in the UK!…

Sometimes we get caught up in the day to running of Storage Stockport that we forget to take a step back and appreciate everything the town has to offer us. Stockport is one of the largest towns in the UK and is situated directly next to Manchester helping to make up a significant portion of Greater Manchester. With the age and history of Stockport, it has gradually developed into one of the best offerings in the North West in terms of hidden gems, unique history, and unusual things to do.

Storage Stockport are specialists with over 10 years of experience in delivering the highest standard of self storage to customers in Stockport. Over the years we have been privileged to help countless storage customers from Stockport store for less and during that time we have been able to learn a thing or two about what makes Stockport such a vibrant town. Naturally, we would argue that Storage Stockport is one of the best things in Stockport due to our incredibly low prices, free collection and removals, and a huge range of deals and promotions…..but this list isn’t about that.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at Storage Stockport’s top 5 things about Stockport, from culture and arts to history, beer and beyond.

Robinsons Brewery

Robinsons Brewery

If you are familiar with a good ale then the chances are you will be familiar with Robinsons Brewery. The Robinsons Brewery is based in the heart of Stockport and has been for almost two centuries now. As well as it’s impressive brewery which is available for guided tours all year round the brewery also own around 260 pubs, inns, and hotels across the North West making it not only a staple of Stockport’s identity but that of UK brewing as a whole. Robinsons brewery is well known for some of the most iconic ales in the world including Trooper (for the Iron Maiden fans!), Unicorn, Old Tom, and many more.

The brewery offers a ‘Brewery Experience’ which we would highly recommend to anyone looking to experience a slice of Stockport culture and history with a good strong real ale.

The Plaza

The Plaza

The Plaza Theatre is one of Stockport’s most iconic buildings and continues to be so following a fairly major facelift just a few years back. Anyone who has driven through Stockport or ventured into the Stockport town centre will likely have noticed the architectural distinctiveness that is the Stockport Plaza.

The Plaza was first built in 1932 and embodies the look and feel of the times even to this day. The venue continues to undergo renovations on a regular basis, or rather restorations to help maintain it’s timeless character and style that has become iconic with the town centre of Stockport.

As well as being an amazing building to look at the Plaza Super Cinema and Variety Theatre also offers a massive range of entertainment to guests from theatre performances, cinema showings, stand up comedy and much, much more. If you fancy a break away from large cinema chains and overprices theatre productions then perhaps make Stockport Plaza your next stop.

The Blossoms

The Blossoms Stockport

From ales to iconic town centre locations we move on to perhaps one of the greatest musical movements to come out of Stockport. The Blossoms (affectionately named after a Stockport pub) are a hard band to miss if you pay attention to popular music, or indeed happen to drive through Stockport. On certain road signs into Stockport, you will see the words ‘Home of The Blossoms’ proudly displayed as a welcoming to outsiders. The Stockport born indie band have seen huge success over the last few years with hit after hit which culminated in a sell-out homecoming gig at Edgeley Park last summer.

With the bands latest album just released recently it seems like the Stockport based lads are set to continue making the town proud with their unique, vibrant, and exciting take on the indie rock genre.

Stockport Air Raid Shelter

Stockport Air Raid Shelter

One of Stockport’s most iconic locations is the Stockport Air Raid Shelter, the mention of which more than likely conjures up memories of school trips to anyone that grew up in Stockport. Stockport’s Air Raid shelters are carved into the equally iconic sandstone cliffs of the town and through their winding underground tunnels offer an unrivalled insight into what wartime Britain looked like in the 1940’s in the North West.

For any visitors to Stockport that want to experience a slice of history, you can check out Stockport’s Air Raid Shelters nearly every day of the week with the exception of Mondays.

Storage Stockport

Ok, I know we said in the introduction to this article that the list wasn’t about Storage Stockport but we couldn’t make a list of things we think are great about Stockport and not include ourselves. Storage Stockport helps customers from Stockport store for a fraction of the price compared to other storage companies. We feel this helps our customers free up more time and finances to pursue some of the wonderful things mentioned on this list. We do this by guaranteeing to be the cheapest price in the area as well as offering a range of services to help our customers. Just some of our offers include:

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