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Storage Space

Price per week up to 1st 10 weeks

10 Square Feet £4.20
16 Square Feet £6.35
25 Square Feet £8.00
35 Square Feet £9.50
50 Square Feet £13.00
75 Square Feet £18.00
100 Square Feet £21.00
125 Square Feet £25.20
150 Square Feet £30.50
175 Square Feet £39.00
Mailbox £4.50

  • Pay for 4 months and receive 3% discount
  • Pay for 6 months and receive 5% discount
  • Pay for 12 months and receive 10% discount
  • We Guarantee to give you a huge saving
  • Give you your 1st MONTH’S STORAGE FREE
  • We will also give you FREE COLLECTION FROM YOUR OLD STORAGE COMPANY up to a 60 mile radius.

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    Storage Stockport Prices

    If you are shopping around you will have noticed that many of our competitors do not state their pricing on their website. Self Storage Stockport are so confident that we are significantly cheaper than the competition we are clear and transparent in what it will cost you to store with us. With over 15 different sizes of storage units prices start from ONLY £1 PER WEEK.

    We often get asked what is the catch? There is no catch. Self Storage Stockport are privately owned and due to this we do not need to inflate our prices to please board members of shareholders. We therefore charge what we believe to be a fair and honest rate for what you are wanting to store with us and the size of space you will require. Due to our business being well established and the vast experience we have in the industry we run our businesses effectively and efficiently meaning we can help our customers save money on their storage.

    Self Storage pricing can sometimes seem complicated. Here at Self Storage Stockport we like to keep it as simple as possible so here is our explanation of how it works, what to look for and how to get the best deal.

      Time and Space

      Self Storage pricing tends to be made up of two main aspects which are time and space. Time is the duration you need your storage for and space is the size of the unit that you will require. All storage companies base their prices on floor space which is calculated in square feet. This, therefore, means the larger the square footage of the unit the more expensive it will be.

      Different storage companies take different approaches to the length of stay and how they charge you for this. Most storage companies have a minimum duration of one month so it is very important to check out those terms. If you only need a storage unit for a couple of weeks or move out partway through the month then its highly likely that you will be paying for days or weeks that you are not using. At Self Storage Stockport you only pay for the days you stay.

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      Other Charges To Look Out For

      At Storage Stockport we don’t charge any extra administration or early move out fees. Its worth checking as some storage companies do. An early move out fee is when you decide to move out ahead of schedule. Some competitors will simply charge you for the full term of your storage without refunding the difference, whilst other storage companies may charge an early move out administration fee.

      Some Storage companies will also charge you compulsory insurance fees and this can sometimes double your cost of storage. At Storage Stockport we won’t force you to buy expensive insurance, in some cases we can even offer this to you free of charge

      How To Ensure You Get The Cheapest Self Storage Price

      Here is a check-list we have compiled to make sure you keep your storage costs to a minimum and get the most out of your storage space.

      • Size your unit correctly. If you are unsure contact one of our storage advisors for help and advice
      • Always check the terms and conditions for pricing and duration of stay. Look for storage providers such as Self Storage Stockport who only charge for the days you use your storage
      • Ensure that there are no additional charges for moving out of your storage unit early
      • Pick a company that genuinely cares about its customers

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