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No Deposit With Us, Simply Pay When You Store

With Storage Stockport we won’t charge you an expensive and costly deposit to store with us. We put our relationships with our customers at the forefront of everything that we do. These relationships have been built with trust in mind that is why we won’t ask our customers to pay an expensive upfront deposit to store with us. That’s right, when you store at Storage Stockport we won’t ask for a single penny in the form of a deposit. Our customers simply show up and start storing at a time that is convenient for them and arrange a payment plan that works for them. This is usually in the form of a monthly direct debit.

Our prices are the cheapest in Stockport. The fact that our customers don’t need to pay a deposit to store with us is just a small part of why that price is so cheap. In addition to having to pay no deposit we also offer 50% off the first 10 weeks, free van rental and free collections and removals. When you put all of these things together the amount of money you save by choosing Storage Stockport becomes huge.


Storage Stockport is home to the cheapest and most reliable storage in the Stockport area
Storage Stockport are also experts in student storage

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