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At Storage Stockport we are specialists in home storage solutions for people within the Stockport area and beyond. Home storage is a fantastic solution to freeing up some more space around your house for any reason. Many of our customers choose to store their belongings with us while they are moving or between properties. Some store with us while they go travelling for long term storage and some store short term whilst renovating or moving house. Whatever the reason you need home storage, Storage Stockport have a huge range of products and services to make storing in and around the Stockport area easier and cheaper than ever.

At Storage Stockport we put our customers first. That is why we offer a range of services that make storing for home and personal use easier than all of our competitors. One of the biggest turn offs for using home storage can be how people are going to get their things from their home to their storage unit. At Storage Stockport we offer free van rental services and a free collection and removals service to all of our customers. This is all part of our continued efforts to make the storage process easier for customers. Simply call up and get a free storage quote and discuss transport with your adviser. We will be able to arrange a time that is convenient to you to collect your belongings from your house and take them to your new storage unit.

Home storage is a fantastic way to keep your belongings safe and secure. Many people when moving house or renovating feel like they need to get rid of excess furniture and items that may be taking up space. People often do this even if they feel they may need the items again down the line. At Storage Stockport we can offer you a dry, safe, secure and modern storage unit to put these items until you need them again.

Our state of the art, purpose built self storage facility has over 200,000 square foot of storage space. We also have over 300 CCTV cameras along with a state of the art red care alarm system meaning your belongings have never been safer.

To find out how home storage from Storage Stockport can help you give a member of our team a call today.

Check Out Our List Of How Self Storage Can Help You:
  • Free up space around the house for renovations and decorating. Place your things in a storage unit so they are out the way and don’t get damaged while you work. 
  • Place your things in a storage unit if you are moving home. Put your non-essential items into a storage unit while you move to give yourself time to get settled in your new home and plan where you are going to put your furniture. 
  • Use home storage for season storage needs. Use a self storage unit to safely and securely store your garden furniture away in the harsh winter months. Similarily, use a self storage unit to store away your Christmas decorations throughout the year until you need them again. 
  • Many people have lots of items around the house that hold sentimental value to them. Items they may have been given by loved ones or things they have grown attached to and don’t want to part with. Using a self storage unit can be a great way to keep hold of these items for a low cost and keep them safe and secure until you have a use for them again. 

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