Packing and moving into self storage can be a stressful business if not planned properly. It is very important to plan and organise things that you want to move to a storage unit. With careful planning moving to self storage can be less of a headache. Here are some expert tips on how to ready your things to be moved into a storage space in Stockport


Clean and dust everything

To ensure minimal stress, some planning needs to be done. Make sure you clean your things before you pack them. The dust that is accumulated on the objects can deteriorate the quality of the object over time. Dusting and cleaning  will also ensure that the objects remain safe and dust free when you retrieve them from the storage unit. Use bubble wraps to pack glass items, similarly pack your cutleries properly to avoid any accidents while packing or retrieving from the storage unit. Line the boxes with packing paper when you plan to store books in a storage unit. We would recommend using a lining that will protect the books from water and dust.

Ensure you have sufficient packing boxes

Kindly do not scrimp on packaging, especially if you are planning on storing your items for a long time in a storage unit. Buy good quality boxes of a decent size to fit your things properly. Do not over stuff the boxes as they tend to burst at the seams and change their form making them difficult to handle and store. The best option would be to check our free supply of packing boxes. Give us a call and our storage experts will guide you with the exact number of boxes you’ll need to store all your things safely.

Strategise during the packing and moving process

Do not start packing without creating a plan. We understand that the entire process can get very boring and tiresome, but strategizing your packing at the initial stage will help you save time and manage stress everytime you visit your storage unit. Make sure to group things together, create an inventory list and keep it updated, as you will need to know where your things are in order to retrieve them. You could also take pictures of the boxes and store it in a secured drive. Do not forget to label your boxes and write the contents inside, clearly on the side of each box. 

Clean the Storage unit 

It is also a good practice to carry a broom, dustpan and brush to your storage unit. Clean the unit once before you start to store your things. Also, do not stuff the storage unit. Leave space for you to move things around. Leave your cleaning tools in the unit just in case if you forget to carry them the next time you visit the unit. Try to clean the unit frequently to avoid dust and damage to your valuables.

Keeping your unit clean has a lot of advantages. It stops your possessions to be discoloured by dust or becoming a breeding ground for insects. It also helps keep you safe every time you visit your unit. At Storage Stockport we have the most safe, clean and secure storage units in the area. If you would like to find out more, get in touch today and talk to one of our storage experts.