Start your summer the right way with Storage Stockport

With the summer months rapidly approaching you may be looking to set up some big plans for the summer. At Storage Stockport we help countless customers throughout the summer months fufill their plans with the help of a cheap and affordable self storage unit. As the weather starts to get a little nicer over the summer months there is a whole host of opportunities that can open up to people. At Storage Stockport we offer the cheapest storage prices across the whole Stockport and Greater Manchester area so people can free up money to crack on with those much neglected DIY projects or trips away.

We have a massive range of additional information on all of our deals and promotions across our website which you can find here. In addition to this we are fully transparent with our pricing and you can see a full break down of all of our storage prices on our storage pricing page. 

So, without additional delay let’s take a look at how Storage Stockport can help you this summer:

DIY Projects:

With the summer rolling around you may have your sights set on some big DIY projects. Storage Stockport have years of experience in helping customers all across the Stockport area free up space to get stuck in with some DIY projects. Using a self storage unit for a DIY project can help give you the space you need to get stuck into some bigger projects. If you are decorating a room or even a full house simply place your furniture and valuable belongings into a storage unit throughout the duration of your project and be safe in the knowledge your items are safe and secure.


At Storage Stockport we offer huge savings deals such as our 50% off up to 10 weeks of storage. Offer such as these mean that those looking to go travelling or even for students looking to take a gap year can store their belongings. This can allow people to give up rented accommodation and use a much cheaper storage space without having to sell and get rid of all their belongings. Using self storage to go travelling is an excellent short-mid term solution for those that want to get out and explore the world without being held back by physical belongings.

Free Up Seasonal Space:

As the summer rolls around the chances are you will be dusting off your garden furniture and spending more time outdoors. As a result many items you use during the winter may become less useful over the summer months. For this reason Storage Stockport can be a great solution for those looking to free up more space around the home during summer. Many customers use self storage facilities for seasonal storage and they can be a great place to store Christmas decorations over the summer for example.

Get in Touch!

This was just a short list on how Storage Stockport can help you get ready for the summer but to find out more information on our services take a look around our website or give us a call today for more information.