Are you considering renting a storage unit?  At Storage Stockport, we want to create our prices so they are as cheap as possible, we service the whole of the Stockport area for the most affordable storage prices. We provide a safe and secure storage facility to give all of our customers peace of mind when they decide to store with us. 

There are many benefits when you decide to store with us for a cheap price. 3 of these benefits are:

Increased Space

Cheap storage units provide an affordable solution for individuals and businesses who need additional storage space to store their belongings. This can be especially beneficial for those living in smaller homes or apartments, or for businesses that need to store excess inventory or equipment. 

Save Money

Cheap storage units can also help individuals and businesses save money. Rather than renting a larger space or purchasing expensive equipment, they can rent a smaller space and store their belongings in a secure storage unit. This can also be beneficial for businesses that need to store their inventory in a climate-controlled environment, which can be expensive to maintain on their own.  


Many cheap storage facilities offer advanced security features, such as CCTV, electronic gates, and on-site security personnel. This can provide peace of mind for individuals and businesses knowing that their belongings are safe and secure. Additionally, storing items in a  storage unit can help to protect them from theft, damage, or loss due to natural disasters or other unforeseen events. At Storage Stockport we take security measures very seriously, we have 24-hour surveillance with over 300 CCTV cameras and a state-of-the-art red care alarm system. 

Storage Stockport Prices

Storage Space

Price Per Week Up To 1st 10 Weeks

10 Square Feet £4.20
16 Square Feet £6.35
25 Square Feet £8.00
35 Square Feet £9.50
50 Square Feet £13.00
75 Square Feet £18.00
100 Square Feet £21.00
125 Square Feet £25.20
150 Square Feet £30.50
175 Square Feet £39.00
Mailbox £4.50

If you decide to store with us here at Storage Stockport we can offer you 50% off your first 10 weeks of storage with us. The reason for this is that we believe in putting excellent customer service first. We also offer a free collections and removals service, so our team of experts can do all of the heavy lifting for you.

If you are interested in renting a storage unit for a cheap price, please get in contact with us on the number 0161 532 7550.