Not only do we give the best price in Greater Manchester we will also collect your belongings free of charge!


In times of uncertainty we are doing everything we can to ensure our customers get the highest level of service and care from Storage Edgeley. For this reason, we are committing to providing a contact free collection service to our customers across the Stockport area as well as providing free self-drive vans to help you bring your goods into storage. Read Our Full Covid Statement…

Why Store With Us?

Making Storage Edgeley your number one choice for self storage in the Stockport area has never made more sense. At Storage Edgeley, we have a huge range of different sized storage units at different prices to ensure we can meet the needs of all of our customers. With over 200,000 sq ft of self storage space we are able to offer our customers the exact size they require for storage. This ranges from small personal and home storage spaces right up to large business storage units for commercial use. Because we have so much space to fill we are able to guarantee our customers the cheapest possible prices in the Stockport area.

In addition to being the cheapest, we also have some incredible offers and discounts to help your search for self storage be as pain free as possible. Just some of the offers we offer are:

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The Cheapest Prices for Self Storage in Edgeley

Storage Edgeley is a purpose built self storage facility servicing the whole Stockport area for the cheapest possible prices. At Storage Edgeley we provide a safe and secure storage space for our customers with extensive security features throughout our undercover and secure storage space. We not only guarantee to provide the cheapest prices in Stockport but throughout the whole Greater Manchester area. Our site consists of over 200,000 sq ft of storage space which allows Storage Edgeley to offer the very cheapest prices. 

To put it simply, we have huge amounts of space to fill which allows us to offer our customers space from as little as 10 sq ft of storage right up to 400 sq ft of self storage space for the cheapest possible prices in Stockport. Our team at Storage Edgeley have years of experience in the self storage industry meaning that there will always be an expert on hand 7 days a week to help you. Not only are we the cheapest provider of self storage in the Stockport area, we also offer a huge range of extras and promotional offers to make us an even better choice to our customers. 


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Why Store With Us?

How Much Self Storage Space Do You Need?

The Self Storage industry around Stockport is booming but that can make it a confusing time for customers. At Storage Edgeley  we cut through the jargon and focus on providing the very best and most affordable self storage solutions to our customers. As part of that it is important to us that our customers know exactly how much storage space they need. Our handy storage size estimator can be a good starting point for anyone looking to get an idea of just how much space they actually need. Along with a brief overview of each unit size we also offer more insight in to just how much you can fit in to each storage unit and what our storage experts recommended usage for each unit would be.

We have a lot of resources on our website about different storage sizes as well as prices for different sizes but sometimes you need a little more guidance. At Storage Edgeley our team have been helping customers find the right storage space for them for over 10 years now. Our team of expert storage advisers are on hand 7 days a week to help both new an existing customers get the most out of their self storage space.

Simply give our team a call to get your free self storage quote and gain valuable advice and guidance on how much storage space you need.

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What Our Customers Think…

At Storage Edgeley we like to think we provide the very best and most affordable self storage solutions in the Stockport area. That being said, don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our customers have to say about us. 

“Highly recommend Storage Tameside, I had a house move and got a free pickup from them. This was a great help and the lads were very good with the job. Also got some free boxes to help pack which was great. Can’t complain about the price too got a very cheap deal compared to other providers. Very happy.”

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“Great storage facility in Stockport. Got the best price in the area and no where can beat it. The security is very good with cameras all around the unit and secure locks provided if needed for the units, I brought my own as they are flexible. Highly recommended for anyone looking for good storage in Stockport.”

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“I was looking for the best priced self storage in Stockport and can wholeheartedly say  Storage Stockport are the cheapest and best in Stockport by far. After a search around the area I found here to be the cheapest with some great extras. I got free boxes and even got free pickup from my house.”

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What Services Do We Offer?

At Storage Edgeley we offer a massive range of different services to help our customers get the very best experience. These services vary massively from helping you move in or out of your storage to providing self storage solutions for both personal and business use. To find out more about the services we offer check out the following list or give our team a call for more information.

Home Storage

There are many reasons why you may consider using a self storage facility such as Storage Edgeley for your home storage needs. The majority of our customers are looking to store their belongings for home and personal use and for that reason at Storage Edgeley we have become experts in home storage solutions.

Using Storage Edgeley for your home storage needs can be great for those looking to store for both short term and long term storage periods. With that being said there can also be many different types of home storage. Many of our customers decide to use a self storage facility when they are moving home, having a storage unit to place your things in while you make the move can help take a lot of the stress and rush out of moving house. Similarly, many customers choose to store with us if they are renovating their house. Much like the reasons for relocating, when renovating you can place your belongings in to your storage unit and keep them safe and secure whilst you make your renovations. This reduces the chance of your furniture or valued belongings getting damaged while you decorate.

In addition to these two main reasons many customers also use our home storage facilities for seasonal reasons. A self storage unit can be a great way of storing away Christmas decorations throughout the year rather than having them fill up your loft space. A self storage at Storage Edgeley can also be great for storing garden furniture during the winter months. This allows you to keep your garden furniture safe in a dry and secure area without needing to worry about filling up your garden shed. Storage Edgeley also acts as an ideal solution for those with an interest in outdoor sports or hobbies. Many of our customers use self storage to store climbing equipment and cycling gear along with a whole other assortment of outdoor activity based equipment.

Ultimately there are many reasons why home storage may be the solution you need. Our team of expert self storage staff at Storage Edgeley are on hand 7 days a week to help advise you and help you find the right solution to your needs.

Business Storage

Something that is often overlooked is the business uses for a self storage facility such as Storage Edgeley. Many businesses are gaining a huge advantage over their competition by making the most of a self storage facility for business uses. The low and affordable cost per sq ft associated with a self storage facility can be a huge bonus to businesses that may need space for certain aspects of their business.

Many of our business customers have found the use of a self storage unit incredibly useful when moving or renovating office space. We often get business customers that store their office furniture and equipment with us while they prepare to move to new office space or renovate existing space. This can be an ideal short term solution to finding space for all that large and bulky equipment. We can even help with the move with our in-house collection and delivery service at Storage Edgeley.  Placing your office equipment in to storage can be a great low cost way of keeping it safe and secure whilst taking the stress away form your renovation or relocation project.

Storage Edgeley are also happy to say that we help many local businesses store their documents and archives. Archives and documents are an integral part to most businesses but they can reach a point in which they take up a lot of space. Storage Edgeley provides, dry, safe, and secure office and archive storage for all of our customers. Our team of expert movers can even collect the documents straight from your office and place them away in your new storage unit. Our team are on hand 7 days a week to do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.

In addition to this some businesses even choose to use a self storage unit as part of their business. Many of our business customers use self storage to store excess stock and inventory or as warehouse space for stock waiting to be shipped or processed. In addition to this there are numerous other businesses that can be ran from a storage unit such as market stall owners, online eCommerce stores, equipment hire companies and much much more. If you have a business that you think may benefit from business storage at Storage Edgeley then why not get in touch with a member of our team to discuss it further?


Student Storage

Being a student can be stressful. That is something we understand at Storage Edgeley , many of our staff came to us straight from college, universities or apprenticeships. For that reason we understand the demands on students to be on top of everything. That is why at Storage Edgeley we have created tailor-made student storage bundles to help students get the most out of their student self storage. Our student deals are priced by the number of items you are storing rather than the space and are offered as part of an all inclusive bundle for students which includes unlimited free packing boxes, 7 day a week access to your storage and a free collection and re-delivery at the end of your storage period.

There are several large colleges in the Stockport area along with numerous other colleges and universities across Greater Manchester. Storage Edgeley is a great solution for Stockport based students looking to come home for the summer or looking to store excess items close to their place of study. Storage Edgeley is also used by many students that have moved to Manchester to study and need a place to store some excess belongings. Because of our location just outside of Manchester city centre we are able to offer small and large storage spaces for a fraction of the cost other companies may charge closer to the city centre.

One of the most common uses of a student storage bundle is for international students that have come to the UK and the Stockport and Manchester area specifically to study. Many of these students find a self storage facility a great way to free them up to go back home over the summer and place their things in a safe and secure storage unit until term time resumes at the end of the summer. At Storage Edgeley we specialise in providing low cost storage for students over the summer period. Our summer storage bundle is great for those that just want somewhere to put their things in between accommodations over the summer.

To get your free student storage quote fill out our custom made student booking form or give a member of our team a call to find our more information.

Storage Prices

At Storage Edgeley we guarantee to be the cheapest provider of self storage solutions in the Stockport area. Our prices are incredibly low which is in part due to how much space we have on site to help drive costs down and pass savings on to our customers. We have over 200,000 sq ft of storage space at Storage Edgeley which allows us to offer out a wide range of different sized storage units to our customers for incredibly low prices. We also believe that a low price shouldn’t mean compromising on quality, that is why our purpose built, state of the art, safe and secure storage facility offers the very best quality self storage solutions to all of our customers at a low price that won’t break the bank.

In addition to having low prices to begin with we also offer a whole host of extra and free services that make us an even more appealing choice to customers looking to store. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, at Storage Edgeley we offer free collection and delivery to our customers as far as 60 miles away from our storage facility. If you don’t need assistance from our team with the move then we also offer free use of one of our self-drive vans.

We also offer huge discounts such as our 50% of for the first 9 weeks, storage from £1 per week and no deposit just pay weekly. Across all of our services we offer a wide range of deals and promotions to help keep the price as low as possible for you from the little savings to the big. Did you know all other self storage facilities in Stockport will charge for cardboard boxes? We offer all of our customers unlimited free packing boxes to help keep their things safe and organised while in storage.

To find out more about the savings you can make with Storage Edgeley and to get a low price that works for you get in touch with our team at Storage Edgeley for more information.


Storage Information

At Storage Edgeley , we are experts in self storage for home, business and student use. For that reason, our website is a hub of knowledge designed to help you find the right solutions to your self storage needs. Our comprehensive service descriptions and product details are designed to help you learn more about what kind of self storage works for you.

Throughout our website, you will find information and guides on our deals and offers and how to make Storage Edgeley work best for you. Just some of the fantastic offers we provide additional information on are:


  •  Free Unlimited Packing Boxes: At Storage Edgeley , we won’t charge you for expensive packing boxes like all other storage companies. With us, you can have as many as you need to get your move done with confidence.
  • insurance: At Storage Edgeley we won’t force you to pay compulsory upfront insurance fees. Many of our customers benefit from our insurance deals.
  • No Deposit: Another thing that helps us remain the cheapest self storage choice in Stockport is our zero deposit policy. With us, you won’t pay an expensive upfront deposit, simply find the storage unit that is right for you then pay weekly.
  • Student Storage: At Storage Edgeley we take the stress out of student storage with our custom made and super cheap student storage bundles.
  • 50% Off Your First 9 weeks: With Storage Edgeley you can save a massive 50% off your first 9 weeks of storage with us meaning you can make massive savings by making us your storage provider of choice.
  • Free Van Rental: Distance need not be an issue with Storage Hazel Grove. Every one of our customers has access to use one of our self drive vans completely free of charge.
  • Open 7 Days a Week:  The reasons you need a self storage unit rarely work on Monday-Friday and for that reason neither do we. For that reason we are open 7 days a week to help you.
  • Guaranteed Cheapest Prices in Stockport: We back up all of our talk about cheap prices by guaranteeing to be the cheapest provider of Self Storage in the Stockport area.

Whatever the reason you are looking for storage out website has all the information you need to help you make the right decision. If you still can’t find out what you are looking for our in-house team at Storage Edgeley are on hand 7 days a week so give us a call for even more information!


Transport Made Easy

One of the most daunting things when looking to get a storage unit is the thought of ‘how am I going to get all of my things from my house to my storage unit?’. At Storage Edgeley , we make this easy for all of our customers giving you one less thing to worry about. We have a range of services available to our customers for incredibly low prices and in some cases for free. Our team of expert self storage staff at Storage Edgeley will do the majority of the work for you so you can sit back and relax knowing your belongings are soon to be safely and securely stored away for you. Our transport options range from big to small and the services available can be tailored to your needs and the needs of your storage. Our services include but are not limited to: 

So no matter where you are or what restrictions you have on your ability to get here Storage Edgeley has the solution for you. To find out how we can help you start storing for less get in touch with a member of our team today.

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Storage Edgeley News & Blogs

At Storage Edgeley, we are committed to bringing value to our customers above all else. For this reason, we have created our Storage Edgeley blog and news section so we can share out experience and tips on how our customers can make the most of their self storage. From useful tips and tricks to save money to guides on what you can do with your storage unit our blog section has it all. If you would like to know more about a certain area of storage then get in touch with us, we would be happy to create a blog for you.

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