We know how stressful it can be when it comes to packing up your home and moving into a new place. Therefore, we wanted to provide you with some tips to make your moving experience as simple as possible!

Infographic describing the 5 tips of packing and moving.

Before you begin to pack…declutter!

Let’s be real over the years you gather a lot of belongings some of which you need and some of which you really do not need. Moving house is the perfect time to declutter and get rid of anything unnecessary that you have collected over the years. When decluttering you have to be ruthless- if you have not used it within the last 6-12 months get rid! This will contribute to a much easier move and make packing so much easier.

Graphic with a woman getting rid of clothes, telling readers to declutter!

Do thorough research when it comes to moving companies.

We know how easy it is to want to go with the first moving company that you see pop up on Google. However, DO NOT do this! Check out the companies reviews and get recommendations from friends and family. Having a good moving company will make your move so much easier. The more effort you put into finding the best moving company the less hassle you will have on moving day, trust us.
Here at Storage Stockport, we offer free collections and removals when you choose to store with us. This aspect takes away the stress of finding another removals team to take your belongings to your storage unit. Our team of expert removal staff are on hand 7 days a week to help you move your things into a storage unit at a time that is convenient for you.

Graphic with a woman researching, telling readers to do their research for a good storage company.

Label your boxes!!

This will make life so much easier on moving day. Once you have your boxes labelled, when it comes to moving day, you can set your labelled boxes in the room that they belong in. This will help to keep you organised.

Graphic with a kid labelling moving boxes, telling readers to label their boxes when they are moving.

Use small boxes for heavier items!

You do not want to carry a large box full of items like textbooks or kitchen appliances. Instead pack these things into smaller boxes because it stops you from overpacking your heavier items and of course, the smaller the box, the easier it is to carry. Use your larger boxes for more lighter things, this means that you will use less boxes in the long run.

Graphic with removals men , telling readers to use smaller boxes for heavier items.

Protect fragile items with bubble wrap, packing paper, clothes etc.

This one goes without saying but there would be nothing worse than turning up to your new home on moving day to see your dinnerware smashed to bits. Another tip do not wrap fragile items all together. Wrap them individually. Yes, it takes more work, but it will be worth it when everything makes it in one piece.

Graphic with a fragile sign , telling readers to protect their fragile items

We hope this post gave you some helpful tips ahead of your moving day! If you are need of storage whilst you are in between homes or for any other reasons. Contact us here today at Storage Stockport!