It is coming up to that time of year when we are clearing our homes for the new season. It can be overwhelming. Here are our spring-cleaning tips made just for you.

1. Make A Schedule

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming, but just remember you do not have to do it all in one day. Think about what you need to do the most. What area of the home needs the most work? Having a well-thought-out focused plan will help you to feel less overwhelmed. The less overwhelmed you feel the more work you will be able to get done. Do one room at a time, because at the end of the day you will feel a sense of achievement and will feel great about yourself.

2. De-clutter

Before you begin to get into the nitty-gritty, complete a declutter. This will help your home feel less cluttered and when you start your spring cleaning you won’t feel as overwhelmed. There is a great four-step approach you can adopt when it comes to decluttering. You want to identify problem areas, analyse the reasons for clutter, figure out solutions and finally, implement them. Sort your belongings into four categories: bin, give away, store, and keep. This is another effective strategy and helps to ensure that you only keep things that you really need. If you require a storage unit. Contact Storage Stockport, we provide a safe and secure storage space for all our customers with extensive security features throughout our undercover and secure storage space.

3. Keep Cleaning Products To A Minimum

Keep your cleaning items to a minimum. Having tons of cleaning supplies can create unnecessary clutter. You do not need every single cleaning product out there, not only this, but certain cleaning products do not mesh well together and can be quite toxic to your health. Try and use an all-purpose cleaner as this will help with the cleaning of most of the furniture in your home.

4. Buy Reusable. Eco-Friendly Wipes/ Cloths

Reusable cloths are great for removing dirt, dust, oil, grease, and grime. Not only this, but they also remove over 99% of bacteria from any hard surface (perfect for the pandemic times we are currently in). You can buy these cloths cheap from shops such as Amazon, Home Bargain’s, B and M and so many more. A pack of cloths usually costs £1, and you can just wash them and use them over and over.

5. Break Down Cleaning Into 10-Minute Chunks

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming but it in no way has to be. Break your cleaning down into 10-minute chunks. For example, some spring-cleaning jobs that you can get finished in 10 minutes are: cleaning your windows and doors, dusting your ceiling vans, cleaning your oven, dusting your baseboards. You will feel a sense of achievement once you complete these small, quick jobs and will not feel overwhelmed.

6. Work From Top To Bottom

When you are spring cleaning your home you should always work from top to bottom, this will make cleaning that bit easier. Start from the ceiling and work your way down, the reason for this is because it will force dust and other debris downwards and will stop you from wasting time continuing to dust and hoover the floor and furniture. If you have a hoover with an extended hose, use this to get cobwebs from light shades and lightbulbs. Once you have completed this, then begin to dust and buff your furniture before hoovering all the dust and debris from the floor. This is a huge timesaver, trust us.

7. Remember to Clear/ Sort Out Your Kitchen Cupboards

You will be surprised by the number of items that you find in your kitchen cupboards that went out of date five years ago. Have a good clear out and seeing what needs to be used soon, this will help you to feel organised and you will be shocked to see how cleared out these cupboards are at the end of the day. To keep on top of things, go through your kitchen cupboards once a month, this will also save on waste too.

These are our top 7 spring cleaning tips. Are you looking forward to putting these tips into action? If you are decluttering as part of your spring cleaning and are in need of a storage unit. Contact Storage Stockport today and they will organise and quote a unit that will suit your needs and budget.