Unbelievably, this thought crosses people’s minds daily. All around the world, there have been instances where storage staff have come across people attempting to live in their storage units. In America a few years ago, storage staff came across a man filming a video for his YouTube where he managed to live in one of their storage units for two months. However, you SHOULD NOT try this.

Reasons Why You Can Not Live In A Storage Unit

They Are Not Climate-Controlled For Living In

Yes, there are climate-controlled units, but these still are not suitable for living, especially in the winter when temperatures can drop below zero. A storage unit would not protect you properly from the different seasonal elements and temperatures.

They Are Uncomfortable

It would not be comfortable at all living in a storage unit. Electricity is not readily available and there is limited natural light as there are no windows inside storage units, these are not healthy conditions to live in. If you were to live in these conditions, you could suffer from psychological effects when living in a small, enclosed, unnatural living space.

It Is Illegal

If you decided to try and live in a storage unit, you would be breaking the law due to security and safety concerns. Self-storage companies are responsible for keeping the belongings of all their customers secure. If you are found on our property at Storage Stockport outside of our working hours and you do not have a 24-hour access unit, you will be considered trespassing, and we will have to contact the police.

Reasons Why It Is Unsafe To Live In A Storage Unit

The Doors Lock From The Outside

Most of the storage units are garage-style doors that roll up and have a padlock on the outside. Storage staff tends to be responsible for doing walkthroughs, especially at closing time to ensure that no one is left in the storage facility overnight and to ensure everywhere is locked up. If you were to attempt to live in a storage unit, there is a chance that you could get locked inside.

Storage Units Do not Have Running Water

If you were to live in a storage unit, you would have to spend most of your day outside or be as quiet as possible as we previously mentioned living in a storage unit is illegal. You would have limited options living in a storage unit as there is no bathroom or running water inside the unit. Your hygiene will therefore suffer, and you could end up with health issues.

There Are No Windows Or Natural Light

Natural light is essential for your well-being. People who attempt to live in a storage unit could find themselves depressed, claustrophobic, or lethargic due to their living conditions. Also, the lack of space and light can especially negatively affect children.

These are some of the reasons why we are against living in a storage unit. However, if you need to rent out a storage unit to store any belongings that you have. Contact us at Storage Stockport and we can find a storage unit suited to you.