Manchester is a very up and coming city and it is becoming more and more popular to relocate to. It has been said that Manchester is becoming a mini-London. It is now the “it” place to live. Are you thinking about moving to Manchester? Here are our top tips.


Manchester is just like any city in terms of safety. You just have to know how to keep yourself safe, like you would in any other city. If you are moving to Manchester for university, all universities have safety officers and they are constantly running safety campaigns, which will make you aware of what areas are more unsafe than others. From our experience, the majority of people have felt safe living in Manchester. To make yourself feel that bit more secure, speak to loads of people who have moved to or are from Manchester (there are plenty of Facebook groups for this) and have a scope and see what areas seem safe, and get plenty of recommendations.


Manchester is a fantastic city for transport, it is very commutable. There are plenty of buses to take you wherever you need to go all over Manchester, this is how the majority of people commute in Manchester. The trams are also a fantastic way to get around, the trams have 99 stations across 8 lines which go all over the city and city centre. Of course, there are the trains, which is great if you are commuting to work just outside of Manchester.

Job Opportunities

Many people move to Manchester for work, there are tons of job opportunities available. Manchester is the third-best place in the UK to support growth. The key job sectors in Manchester are digital and creative services, financial, legal, and business services, media, real estate, and biotechnology. Manchester is perfect if you are wanting a career or wanting to advance in your career in any of these fields. Manchester consists of five top-quality universities with students from all over the UK and Ireland attending.


Manchester is a fantastic city for nightlife with something that suits everyone. They have a huge variety of bars, nightclubs, and music venues if you are someone who loves attending gigs. TOP TIP– if you go out during the week, the majority of bars have happy hour on in the evenings, so great if you are a cocktail lover and you are after a cheap night out.

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